The Boss Manual on the art of being boss by author William Robinson, the Boss Manual will consist of ongoing writings for the purpose of creating a book. This content centers around the art of journaling and planning so that others might learn and grow.

I am formulating thoughts on spiritual awareness for personal growth and thoughts on self-improvement for becoming your own boss and start-up business developer. I’m also focused on the art of grooming, on dressing for success, and on wellness that comes from self-control and reflection to keep it correct.

The Boss Manual will stand on the principles that it promotes. To be a Boss is to be made whole. Many masters had to first learn the graft and the art of being a leader with a purpose, mission and vision. Being a Boss is about life being a work in progress, an ongoing process, that requires daily planning and management. Playing at the game of business means learning on a regular basis and to stay ahead of the competition. It requires constant self-improvement and staying mentally and physically sharp on all levels. Bosshood is a mind-set of mental discipline, self-confidence, and the practice of self-motivation, dedication, and determination.

As I have suggested the Boss has to develop the self-from within with purpose, with a mission and with a vision. It all begins with self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-respect.

The Boss is one who defines their own success story knowing that success is more than just money. Although money can buy almost anything such as artificial love and friends but what it can’t buy is true happiness, peace, or real independence. This the individual can only create for himself.