Today I want to reflect on why it is important to let go of a past mistake that keeps a person from moving successfully forward with their life….

Look at society and the role it plays in how we judge one another. There is not as much forgiveness as one might think there should be at its core. I think that is one of the reasons it can be so hard for some people who struggle with letting go to move on and reclaim their lives. Take. for example, the societal baggage that comes with the “bad boy” label; think about how it is when that stigma hangs over you telling you, “you can’t change.” I’m not trying to excuse accountability for certain behavior or cry out for sympathy for a lost soul who may not have a conscience. I’m not here to judge. From a spiritual perspective my take is that there should be an opportunity for someone to have self-check or a moment of reflection. One should feel that they can ask forgiveness for the pain and harm they have caused another.

When you forgive your self, you can achieve the all-important goal of unlocking the shackles on your mind. Dwelling on a past mistake can make it hard to move forward; trying to rebuild self-love and respect for others when something heavy hangs over you is difficult.

Reflecting on the self is a time to retreat and each person should do that in their own personal way. Prayer, meditation, refocus or being in the moment to be mindful and letting go — these are the small things that can lead a person to repairing themself in the name of Spiritual-Recovery.