Let me talk about reclaiming the fame by making a change. It is the art of maintaining and regaining one’s inner-strengths by defeating hardship and making a comeback.

For anyone who has experienced the downfall of hitting rock-bottom, where you cannot see a light at the end of the tunnel, where thoughts ring through hopeless nights and long days seem to never end. Time goes by like this and then it became clear that one has to be hungry for change in order to snap-back, even when it may feel impossible. The hunger for change and the willingness to change is how one’s soul can be made whole again.

Most people will only see the glory of a man’s success-story; they don’t know the moral struggle, the whole-story, or that there’s always another side. The struggle, the darkness of what I’ve expressed above, the hitting-rock bottom, show how we all may be tested by life’s trials and tribulations.

The reality is that life forces us to dig deep within, to find our inner-strength, and to be open to change. From there a man must learn to master himself, to conquer his failures and mistakes, and to use them as stepping stones on a new path.

We all will be faced with some sorts of challenges to overcome, but In the process of living we realize that the goal becomes reconditioning the self for change and producing a better outcome.

The aim of reclaiming the fame is to change.