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The Boss Manual:  Entrepreneurial Lessons

The Boss Manual: Entrepreneurial Lessons

A first level of management is self-management. This is where one learns the art of managing their time and the art of self-discipline. Management happens at all levels of the game of business as I have already explained... it all starts with a purpose, mission and...

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The Boss Manual: Introduction

The Boss Manual: Introduction

The Boss Manual on the art of being boss by author William Robinson, the Boss Manual will consist of ongoing writings for the purpose of creating a book. This content centers around the art of journaling and planning so that others might learn and grow. I am...

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Reclaiming the Fame

Reclaiming the Fame

Let me talk about reclaiming the fame by making a change. It is the art of maintaining and regaining one's inner-strengths by defeating hardship and making a comeback. For anyone who has experienced the downfall of hitting rock-bottom, where you cannot see a light at...

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I want to reflect on this Juneteenth — a day of African-Americans observance, a day to acknowledge the physical bondage of African-Americans. It is a day to also look at the effects of Psychological-Slavery and the role it plays in the lives of African-Americans to...

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Today I want to reflect on why it is important to let go of a past mistake that keeps a person from moving successfully forward with their life.... Look at society and the role it plays in how we judge one another. There is not as much forgiveness as one might think...

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    • Imani Health and Recovery
      # ( 503) 525-8483
    • The Miracle Club Recovery Center
      # (503) 249-8559
    • Depaul Treatment Centers
      # (503) 535-1151
    • VOA, Oregon’s Men’s Residential
      (503) 335-8611
    • Alcohol-Drug-Addiction Hotline
      # (1800) 923-4357
    • Mental Health & Services – OPH
      # (503) 238-5203
    • Avel Gordly Center for Healing ( OHSU)
      # (503) 494-4745
    • The Portland Therapy Center
      # (503) 422-9731

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